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Applied to upper shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This massage helps relieve tension, stimulate the scalp and induces relaxation with a variety of techniques and pressure. This massage is stimulating and kind to your hair, but not hair-dos. (Clean hair is preferred).

30 mins. ~ $75


Designed to relax the body, promote circulation, ease tension and reduce stress. This classic massage integrates various techniques and oils to maximize relaxation and de-stress the body and mind. Let one of our skilled and certified relaxation therapists help you unwind with a full body massage.

30 mins. ~ $80
60 mins. ~ $120
90 mins. ~ $160

RMT Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist this is a therapeutic massage designed for ailments that require special attention. This massage is designed to help alleviate chronic pain due to compound injuries. This is localized massage that relaxes soft tissue and ease muscles and restores the body’s natural flow of energy. *RMT receipt issued

30 mins. ~ $85
60 mins. ~ $139
90 mins. ~ $185

Pregnancy MASSAGE

Performed by a Registered Massage Therapist this massage uses a variety of different techniques to help alleviate heavy legs, water retention and aids in soothing the body. *RMT receipt issued

30 mins. ~ $85
60 mins. ~ $139
90 mins. ~ $185

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is based on ancient native healing techniques. In this type of bodywork stones are heated and applied to the body. It includes massages with the hot stones, placement of the stones as well as Swedish massage techniques.

30 mins. ~ $85
60 mins. ~ $145
90 mins. ~ $175

Warm Bamboo Massage

Ancient form of massage utilizing heated bamboo stick that produce a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing, mirroring the flexibility and versatility of the bamboo itself.

30 mins. ~ $85
60 mins. ~ $145
90 mins. ~ $175

Synergy Massage

The ultimate in massage for quieting “fight and flight” tension points. This massage aids in putting your body back in balance and gives the general feeling of well-being and relaxation.

60 mins. ~ $125


*menu prices subject to change

All Massages unless specified otherwise are not performed by an RMT. No RMT receipt will be issued for these massages.

Please Note: Hot Stone, Warm Bamboo and Herbal Compress Massages are not recommended for any one with High Blood Pressure or Health Concerns. Ladies who are expecting are recommended to avoid all heat therapies and reserve massages with an RMT.

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