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At Living Shore Spa, we try to do everything with intention and purpose. Our atmosphere, team members, services and even our boutique have thought and purpose behind them.

Our boutique items are carefully selected for our guests to Shop with Purpose. We offer items that are not only of quality but socially and environmentally conscious and many “give back” to communities in need.

In a disposable society, fraught with stress and the glorification of being busy, we like to add the luxury of simplicity, relaxation and thoughtful consumption to the spa experience. We offer items we know that you will truly love, and add value to your life. There are so many socially and environmentally friendly choices on the market today we are proud of our selection and we hope they give you joy!


Living Shore Spa Candles by Serendipity Candles
  • Local Female Entrepreneur
  • Soy wax is a renewable resource
  • Benefits of Soy are biodegradable- paraffin free, contains not toxins, carcinogens or pollutants
  • Lower melting point than other waxes for a long life
  • Pure Cotton wicks
  • Containers can be reused or recycled. Once you have finished burning the containers can be cleaned with warm soapy water.
Pevonia Skin Care
  • For almost 30 years, Pevonia has been providing natural skincare solutions to the finest spas and
    professionals world wide
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Organic Ingredients, NO SLS/ GMOs/Parabens/Formaldehyde/ Urea/Lanolin/Mineral
    Oil/Alcohol/Artificial Colours/Artificial Fragrance or Gluten
  • Support Charity: Water, 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water. Pevonia is proud to support
    Charity: Water’s mission to change that.
Little by Little (Bracelets)
  • A wonderful gift!
  • “Build families NOT orphanages” Little by Little provides employment to parents living in
    poverty, empowering them to care for their families.
  • Creating ethically sourced, beautifully designed products with the vision to care holistically for
    the people of Haiti. In Haiti, up to 80% of children living in orphanages have a living family,
    because poverty is a huge contributing factor for parents placing their children in orphanages,
    Little by Little seeks to empower Haitian parents with a job and income. Keeping families
Living Shore Spa Body Scrub and Essential Oils by Penny Lane Organics
  • Penny Lane has been one our longest partners
  • Local Entrepreneur
  • 100% Natural product which are Vegan/Vegetarian Gluten Free and Chemical frees. Penny
    Lanes’ philosophy is that if you wouldn’t put in in your body then don’t put in on your body.
  • No preservatives and all products are made with oils that naturally have anti-bacterial
Living Shore spa Tea by Clearview Tea Company
  • Local mother / Daughter Entrepreneurs
  • Custom blended Living Shore Spa Tea that reflects needs of our guests
Cheeks Ahoy Handmade
  • Ontario Female Entrepreneur
  • Handmade Zero-waste essential for your home
  • Reusable Cotton or Hemp Facial Rounds, Hemp Face Cloths and Net Bags for laundry
Merben Body Brushes
  • Ethically produced brushes.
  • Sustainably produced
  • Regular dry brushing is beneficial because it improve the body’s’ ability to detoxifying by clearing away dead skin cells.
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Leave skin looking and feeling younger
  • A Spa Favourite!
  • Canadian Product
  • The strongest topical pain reliever available without prescription
  • Aids to prevent. Relieve and heal muscle, joint and pain from arthritis by targeting inflammation
  • Methyl/Menthol/Eucalyptus
  • Company Culture based on improving people’s quality of life for customers and within their
Barefoot Venus
  • Canadian Owned and operated by Three sisters
  • Team is comprised entirely of women form all different backgrounds and different places around the world
  • Every member of their team is involved in discussion and collaboration
Halo Headwear
  • Toques and Headbands
  • Mid –weight head covering that make every woman look and feel amazing
  • Canadian company that employs local women and gives generously to mothers and babies
    abroad by donation a portion of their sales to Compassion Canadas’s Child Survival Program.
    This program supports women and children in prenatal and postnatal care in the poorest regions of the world.
  • Business goals it improve the lives of people they come in contact with through business interactions, employment opportunities and in contributions to communities at home and abroad
Pithy Apothecary
  • Vancouver BC small business powered by a small team of four who are fiercely proud to be female and minority owned and operated!
  • 20 years experience creating natural skin care products
  • Give Back to their local Asian/AAPI communities, in 2021 they have decided on the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation.
  • Gua Sha stones are hand carved and made of natural stone so slight colour differences, small flaws and fissures are considered to be natural imperfections that add character and intention to each piece.
  • Stones are fragile and are a special addition to your collection of beauty tools.
Fair Trade Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Fair CosmEthics is dedicated to providing a collection of sustainable and fresh, fruity scented products
  • This is a brand that is socially responsible and has quality products
Simplistic Duo
  • Mother Daughter local artisans creating one of a kind crafts
  • Aroma bead bracelets designed with care and detailed with love
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